Post Mortem Kit with Heavy Duty Wraparound Zipper


Packed 6 bags/carton



This white, 36″ x 90″, heavy duty post mortem bag features a wrap-around side zipper along the edge of the bag. The bag is made of strong, high-grade plastic with bound edges and a heavy duty, rust-proof nylon zipper. Fluid flap is designed to catch excess body fluid run off. Our designs conform to OSHA’s univeral precautions regarding containment of body fluids and protection from blood borne pathogens.

Our Enviro-Safe post mortem bags complies with EPA chlorine-free burn requirements which allow for safe incineration.


Catalog No. Description
911 36″ x 90″
Chin strap
One underpad
Two 60″ ties
Three 36″ ties
Three white I.D. tags
Individual polyethylene bag to hold personal effectsCompares to our competitor’s product:
EM Adams 1614
909 X-Large
72″ x 90″
Used for extremely obese – holds up to 550 lbs.
Same components as Catalog No. 911
918 Enviro-Safe
Same components as Catalog No. 911, but with PVC-free components.
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