Circumcision Tray


Packed 10 trays/carton



Catalog No. Description
386 One 16″ x 18″ blue/white drape with 5/8″ fenestration
Two 13″ x 19″ white absorbent towels
Six 4″ x 4″ 12-ply gauze dressings
One 1″ x 8″ petrolatum gauze dressing
Two 5″ straight, mosquito hemostats with large finger loops
One 5″ curved, mosquito hemostat with large finger loops
One 5-1/2″ probe with eye
One 4-1/2″ S/B straight operating dressing scissors
One Adson tissue forceps
One scalpel with #10 blade
One safety pin
One foam instrument holder/10 slit die cut/5-instrument
One 2 oz. medicine cup
One CSR wrapCompares to our competitor’s product:
Cardinal “Allegiance” OB-1000 (10/cs)
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