Basic Soft Tissue Biopsy Trays


Packed 10/carton



This tray is complete with all of the common components required for skin preparation and handling of the aspirated sample. Trays are provided without a needle to allow the practitioner the freedom to use the needle of their choice. This tray may be used during CT guided biopsies. Busse’s Safety-Deluxe Biopsy Tray is designed to help you comply with today’s safety requirements.

Catalog No. Description
651 One multi-compartment tray with prep well
One 3cc syringe with 25g x 5/8″ needle
One 5cc Luer lock syringeOne 20cc Luer lock syringe
One 22g x 1-1/2″ needleOne 20g x 1-1/2″ needle
One 5mL ampule 1% lidocaine hydrochloride, USP
One scalpel
One 10mL prenumbered specimen vials with caps
Six frosted microscope slides
One 6″ ruler
Two sponge sticks
Four gauze pads
Two towels
One fenestrated drape with adhesive strip
One bandage
Two patient I.D. labels
One CSR wrap
One set of 10 Universal Medication LabelsCompares to our competitors’ products:

Cardinal “Allegiance” 4380 (10/cs)
Medline DYNJTS4380 (10/cs)
Sklar 96-1726 (10/cs)


651b 651b has the same components as 651 but without drugs.
977 Safety-Deluxe 
One multi-compartment tray with prep well
One 6” ruler
One 10mL amber specimen vials, prenumbered, with caps and patient I.D. labels
Two 5mL ampules 1% lidocaine hydrochloride, USPOne 25g x 1” BD SafetyGlide™ needle
One 22g x 1-1/2” BD SafetyGlide™ needl
Two 10cc Luer lock syringes
One ear loop mask
One Filter Straw®
One fenestrated drape with tape
Two towels
One fine tip marker
Ten gauze pads
One needle foam stop
One Point-Lok® needle retention safety device
One NeedleVISE® needle retention safety device
One 3mL ChloraPrep® Applicator Hi Lite Orange™
One time-out label
One bandageOne alcohol prep pad
Ten frosted microscope slides
One safety scalpel
One set of 10 Universal Medication labelsCompares to our competitor’s product:
Cardinal “Allegiance” 4382SP (10/cs)
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